The Podcast

Because We Make was designed to be different from the beginning.  Instead of having people on and giving a list of questions, when we have guests we like to have conversations that could go off in any direction.  We don't bring a script because we want our guests to talk to you, not us.

When we don't have guests, Brooke and Vincent talk about anything going on in the maker community, the content creation space, or take listener questions.

Either way, every episode is produced with a ton of love and is a great way to start your Wednesday!


The Hosts


Brooke Denault

Brooke Denault is a lover of making. As co-owner of Makers Workshop, a makerspace in the Boston area, Brooke and her husband Michael teach others the joys of making both in the traditional arts like woodworking and in more modern skillsets like lasers and CNCs.

When she's not teaching or making things, she can be found doing a special dance that has been scientifically proven to make pizza dough rise before baking.


Vincent Ferrari

Vincent Ferrari is into all things making, particularly desktop fabrication (3D printing, CNC, and laser-cutting) and jewelry making, but also does custom woodworking and other projects for various clients.

When he's not working at his day job, he can be found in his shop (his wood shop or his jewelry shop) making things to sell at his company, Handmade by Vincent Ferrari, or doing this podcast!